Creating a Page

Building the exact page you want has never been easier. Stack modules and create your custom layout in the Sprocket Rocket app, and edit and update Sprocket Rocket pages within HubSpot.

Use the sidebar to choose your modules, and use the links to navigate to the modules categories. Or use the search bar to search for modules.

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  1. Drag your modules onto your page
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2. You can re arrage the modules once they are added by dragging them around

Document image

3. You can remove a module by clicking the X on the top right of it

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4. Once you're happy with your page, scroll to the top, give it a name and click Add Page

You'll then be asked if you want it to be installed as a Website or Landing Page in HubSpot, choose one and your page will be install. Once install you can click Edit Page and your page weill be opened in HubSpot

Updated 01 Jun 2022
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